Configure Windows Product Key and License Activation

Hello everyone,

The below script will allow you to change the Product Key used for Windows activation and then proceed to activate the operating system, and also supports configuring an endpoint for Volume License activation scenarios where a KMS Activation Server is in place and may not be directly discoverable due to configuration or lack of Active Directory.

This script supports two parameters at run time:

  • Product Key: Insert the product key you wish to use for activation here
  • KMS Server Address: Insert the FQDN or IP Address of your server and the port if necessary (format: server : port, without the space before or after the colon).

20181015-Configure-Windows-Product-Key-and-License-Activation-Details.json (4.06 KB)

Hi @Kristan

We will review the procedure and update the result.

Thank you.

Hi @Kristan

Already, we have the script to Install and activate windows product key. kindly refer the following script link: