Console - File Transfer -- ability to select multiple files

Got asked to send C1 Support the contents of the Comodo Log folder. Opened up the Takeover window…File Transfer… navigate to the folder and…Ctrl-A …nothing. Ctrl-clicks…nothing.

Had to bring them over one at a time and wait about 10-15 seconds for each file before I could start the next. Couldn’t even queue them. 30-40 files took 5 minutes for what should have been a few clicks and some waiting while I do other tasks.

Hello @PromptCare ,

Thank you for the feedback! We have sent you an email regarding this and also created a feature request. We will let you know when it becomes available.

I had this issue, you have to zip them in s folder!! I have brought it to their attention before.

Hello @BOSS ,

If you would like we can add you to the loop (regarding this feature request) and we will notify you by email when it will be available, please let us know.

Which, unfortunately, is not a feature available in the File Transfer module. I kicked myself later that I could have gone up a level and transferred the whole folder (which I zipped on my end once the transfer was complete). But, if you’re looking to grab, say, only half of a folder’s contents, there’s no way to do it efficiently.

Hello @PromptCare @BOSS ,

The feature previously requested - Allow multiple file selection when using “File transfer” in RMM - is scheduled to be included in our upcoming release due on 30/Sep/16 !
Thank you for your feedback!

That would be great, thanks.

Hello @BOSS ,

We have added you to the escalated case and we will get back to you as soon as we have an updated on this.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter!