Console today missing "Sessions", "Jobs"

Looks like the Console might have updated recently (to 6.1.377110.111) as I don’t recall there being a button next to my login name for a ‘mini’ view.


Hello @PromptCare ,
This is true, the latest update has removed ‘Sessions’ and ‘Jobs’.

I guess that cleans up the interface a little but, prior to the update, I had several stuck Jobs. What happened to them? Are they still stuck but now I can’t see them or are they finally gone?

And this might be better off on its own thread but, to run a simple Cleanup on all workstations, is it really necessary to open up dozens of windows? By the time I close them all down, I’ve lost almost as much time as I’ve saved by trying to automate the process.

Hello @PromptCare ,

We will have to forward your first question to make sure that we have the correct answer.
Regarding your second question, I will forward this as a feature request.

Thank you for your feedback!

I can’t believe jobs are gone now. So I created jobs to have multiple procedures in and I was just kicking off the jobs. I think we are going backwards here guys. I also dislike what @PromptCare mentioned about the Windows that open when you run a procedure. Pain to close all of them. I think I like the product from a few months ago and not the new ‘features’ or less features.