Contract reports & changes

Any help would be greatly appreciated…

Currently we are using the Contract section in Service desk to keep track of all of our customers on contract with us. When signing up they get a specified amount of onsite hours per year with the option to purchase more hours if needed.

We have encountered 2 problems with this…

  1. We are unable to run a report containing the amount of hours remaining on contract

  2. Once the contract has been setup we are unable to adjust the amount of hours available. If we add a second contract for the additional hours only then both contracts have the hours deducted from when tickets are created.

Is there a way to do these things that we have yet to figure out?

@hsdssupport ,

Can you please try to utilize this help guide for managing contracts . please give us your feedback after running through our guide and verify if there’s any additional assistance that you need.

I ran through your guide and this will solve the issue with updating contracts.

We still cannot run any report that specifies how many prepaid hours remain on contracts. Can you please detail how this is accomplished.