Control Alt Delete and Server 2012

I’m trying to get into a server via Comodo Client Viewer but Control Alt Delete button combination does not work. Reading up on this issue Windows Server 2012 blocks this command from remote programs and on screen keyboard.

Is there a super clever way to get around this without going on site and disabling this (or getting someone on site to do it for me) so I can access the login page? If there is a way around it would this be worth building into Comodo Client Viewer / Comodo One?

Many thanks in advance

We recommend attempting to start the Windows Update Service manually from windows update center, and triggering an update. If there will be problems with Windows Update. To fix this you might need to upgrade to the latest Microsoft Update client:

If there is no problem Starting Windows Updates you should reinstall PM Agent and check again.

Mathell, did you find a solution? Was there a clickable button the viewer to send the c+a+del cmd?