Controlled access by Customer based Technician

I’m sure I must be missing something here, but I’ve had a couple of issues related to the same end goal.

I need to be able to create Staff (Technicians) that can fully work on tickets in the Service Desk, but that are limited to the Customers they can access information for.

First, I find I can create a role for a Technician and Department for the company assuming that would allow me to limit the role/department to control access. This doesn’t appear to work though. The Role will let me change permissions, but not at that granular a scale. Creating Departments for Customers seems to get me nowhere. Other than using them like Tags for sorting purposes, I can’t get Departments to do a thing for me. I also can’t assign the staff to a department. Even if their role only gives them the new department, the user manager shows them as Support no matter what.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for this information? I am yet to do a call for a run through, but if I’m not able to isolate customers and technicians into groups to control privacy between clients, I don’t think I can move forward with using the Service Desk, and since that’s a hard coded included item in the Comodo One client on desktops, it rules out the entire platform.

The second issue is that Technicians need to have access to the Admin Panel in Service Desk, otherwise any ticket comes up with an error “Unknown or invalid ticket ID”. Again, am I missing something here? Or is this just a bug?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Damon, is there an update for this? Thanks.

Hello @CraigK ,

The request for Granular user permissions in SD module is still on the works.
We will also create a ticket for this and add you on the loop so you`ll receive an email for any important update.


That would be great feature added cause so far we used to do too much job by creating corresponding tickets in the Service Desk to solve the issue. We’ll be waiting for updates.

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@caroldriscoll33 ,

Absolutely, We will add you to the loop to keep you updated.