Couple Issues with Comodo One

  1. Im not receving any emails for anything ticket related, ticket assigned to me, new ticket, nothing

  2. My name is listed as slamanna slamanna, and it does not let me change that

I figured out the email issues, i hadnt set that up yet, was unaware i had to. So thats working now

Still unsure how to get the name changed

Hello @slamanna212
Sounds good. Should you encounter any other issues, please feel free to also email in order to create a ticket with us (to which you can attach logs/print screens etc) if needed and based on the issue you might be facing.

Slamanna, I too reported my name as being brad brown brad brown. They opened a ticket for me to fix that; it’s pulling the single field admin name from the main portal into the first and last name fields in the service desk module. [C1 Support #CJE-915-77140]

Hello @bradbrownjr ,
We have just checked your case, ID CJE-915-77140 and the issue is still under investigation! We will respond to you on there when there’s news on it.

No problem John! I just wanted to share that you guys are aware of the problem. :slight_smile: