CRC almost unusably slow

Hi Guys,

My TeamViewer license has expired and I just can’t bring myself to moving to their monthly subscription and figured I’d just move over to CRC. Problem is that is is almost unusable due to it being dead slow.

Often times when connected to a clients PC I can see their screen updating in realtime(start menu tiles flipping, CRC connection timmer running etc.) but as soon as I try to use the keyboard or mouse everything locks up for 2 - 5 seconds before responding. Sometimes inputs are completely ignored for 30+ seconds, before working for 10 seconds only to become unresponsive again. Any ideas as to why this may be?

Teamviewer, Ammy Admin, Logmein etc. all work flawlessly at the same times, for the same clients when CRC is struggling.

Also this is a constant issue, I have never been able to use CRC and have it work smoothly.

@providingit ,

What are the OS environments that you are using for the Comodo Remote Control? Can you please verify the version of the CCC (Comodo Client Communication) and Comodo Remote Control that you are using?

I have to say I have never had performance problems. As long as the device is connected to ITSM it has always worked fast for me.

@providingit We’ve never experienced issues like you’re describing. Ensure you have the latest release of Comodo Client - Communication (Windows) 6.15.9984.18010 on the endpoint and Comodo Remote Control (Windows) 6.15.9881.18010 for the remote client you use. If you continue experiencing issues, add exclusions to your firewall/router for the Comodo traffic. See–-IP-Nos,-Host-Names-and-Port-Details.html

Its a mix of windows 7x64 and windows 10x64. All clients are on the latest version.

On a side note I am situated in South Africa, could it be due to traffic traveling from me -> US based servers -> back to clients in South Africa? My understanding is that the connection is P2P though so not sure if this would be an issue.

Suggest you try tests with US and EU servers and post the results here.

Hello @providingit,

We are super excited that you are now onboard with CRC and C1!

I have talked with our engineering team and we have some hypothesis regarding the issue that you described above. We would like our support team to collect some data to identify the issue you are facing so that we can take necessary steps to resolve this and you’d enjoy using CRC!

I’ll be in touch regarding the issue resolution, kindly please let me know if there is anything we can do to make your transition smooth!

Best Regards,

Product Manager, CRC

Hello @providingit,

We have created a support ticket for you to gather further information on the issue and identify the root cause of the problem you are dealing with the CRC. Please kindly check your email that is registered on this forum website for the support ticket. Thank you