CRC Extremely Slow

Hi all,

CRC has never worked properly for me. It has always been too slow to use effectively. This happens on a variety of OS’s, mainly Windows 10. I have CRC installed on two computers that I use for customer support, and so far, its proven unusable. This is extremely disappointing as Comodo is a wonderful product. Can anyone please assist me so that I can remain with Comodo?

Hello @insourcenet,

We have created a support ticket for you to investigate and work on the reported case. Please feel free to respond to the ticket for us to replicate and provide the proper solution. Thank you

Hi. How would I report on it? Its slow. Over different clients. Too slow to use at all.

I am using Anydesk and it works really well.

@insourcenet ,

We understand that you are having an issue using our remote tool. We would like to know where is your comodo account hosted? ( or what is your region as well.

Hi, I am located in South Africa in the Western Cape. Where do I find out where my Comodo account is hosted?

Hello @insourcenet

We are happy to answer your query. If you can log in to it means you are using the EU server. If you can log in to it means you are registered to our US server.

With best regards