CRC Issue

A large number of devices (ie more than 2/3) in my CRC are showing as offline this morning (while they show as online in ITSM). Are there any known infrastructure issues this morning with Remote Control?

@indieserve ,

We understand the urgency of the situation and have already alerted our developers who are monitoring the issue. They are currently working on this report to resolve this issue as quick as possible.

I too have the same, usual (sorry) Bollox, collect logs, were doing everything bla bla bla.


FYI, the remote connection will still work if started from ITSM…

Thanks dittoit, will keep that in mind for the future. Actually only 10-15 minutes after I posted this they had it fixed and emailed me. Also- I hadn’t been using CRC much since it first was introduced, but due to a staffing change I’m back on it. Wow what an improvement in reliability and performance (this instance excepted) since it first was launched. Really enjoyed using it the last few days, looking forward to getting migrated over to North America servers for the slightly lower latency too.

@dittoit ,

The status display and connectivity on the Comodo Remote Control had been urgently resolved by our development team. The "XMPP server connections on one of the nodes started to be in an intermediate state. As a result, the problem wasn’t identified by the monitoring system. The node was restarted and all problems were solved

Please confirm if the issue persists on your end.