Create Restore point

Please use below script to create restore point,

import os;
out=os.popen(r'Wmic.exe /Namespace:\\root\default Path SystemRestore Call CreateRestorePoint "Test Restore point", 100, 12').read();

sample output would be,

Trying this under Windows 10 shows the expected result; but when you launch system restore you cannot see the created point

Hello @StrobeTech ,

Thank you for the feedback. We have contacted you by email regarding this issue. Looking forward to your reply there.

Hi @StrobeTech

In Windows 8.1 and newer versions, the script will run, but it won’t create a new restore point if there are earlier points created in the past 24 hours.
If this is the case, you’ll need to delete previous restore points for the script to work.

Hi @mkannan

Thanks for the information.
This is good to know; but not great as it is nice to know exactly when a point was created and why on a schedule sometimes.

If you use the GUI it does not care about the 24 hour rule which is what we would like really if you know of such a way.

Hi @StrobeTech

Thanks for your feedback. I will update the script and let you know when completed.

Hi @StrobeTech,

Please use the script to create the new restore point if a restore point is already created within 24 hours or not.

Thank you.

I am trying to run this script on a computer that has system restore enabled but has no restore points. If I am reading this correctly a point should be created but isn’t. I tried the 2nd script that creates one even if one was created within 24 hours and that works but I am trying to create the initial restore point and that script doesn’t work if none exist.