Create Ticket if system goes offline

Is is currently possible to automate the creation of a ticket in the service desk if a system that is being monitors by the RMM goes offline?

The ticket would allow the MSP to be notified if a system/device go offline for any reason (shutdown, power failure, crash, internet outage). We may not want this alert for every workstation, but for important servers and workstation it maybe necessary.

I also understand network monitoring for other devices (routers, switches, printers, scanners) is in the works. This feature maybe useful for some of these critical devices also. Need to know when a switch or router goes down. It would be also great to monitor external IP’s and their availabilty.


Thank you for feedback in regards to the RMM console. I will send this message to the Team and when we have a response, we will share it with you.

Thank you again.

Very good suggestion. Here is the poll for voting: