Create User API Returns 500 error

I need to get the create user api working for a project, but I just keep getting a 500 error. I reached out to support and they say the same thing every time. “We will forward this to our Dev department”. Then I get an email saying, this currently does not work and they are working on it.

I got the same exact answer a year ago for the same exact problem. They do not appear to be working very hard.

I thought I would reach out on this forum to see if someone has gotten this API to work.

It is documented here:

If this API really does not work, and has not for a year, this MUST MUST MUST be taken down so people like me do not waste our time.

I apologize for the tone, but I am beyond frustrated with Comodo support regarding what I had been led to believe were working APIs when I signed up for the service. I was relying on these.

Here is an example of what I am trying to send as a basic test

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Authorization: mytoken' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Cache-Control: no-cache' \
--data-raw '{
"name": "user name",
"email": ""

The last I heard (from both support tickets and other posts here) the API was in the middle of a redo/update, but I’ve gotten conflicting information from iTarian if even the current implementation is actually working as it is documented at

From my own testing, I’ve found that most of the GET (or READ) API requests seem to work at least partially, but most of the PATCH/POST requests do not, except for maybe create ticket. I’m not sure now where things are as I’ve pretty much abandoned this ever working right or being finished. Its unfortunate as I’ve had to abandoned my own projects that would have used the API heavily.

This update to the API was supposed to have been completed last year, and the last update per this thread was over a year ago:

If the documentation is to be believed at, nothing has been done with the API officially since 2018, despite the promises and shared Roadmaps. I hate to be negative, but this is an all too common thing here. Promised features/roadmaps and estimated dates of completion just never happening. The most info we ever get is “this feature is planned for Q2 2020” or something like that but a year later (or more in some cases) there is still nothing with no updates.

But I hope you/we get some kind of tangible/meaningful update or response about it.

Indeed, it would be nice if they at least would be honest about the issue. Clearly they have placed an extremely low priority on this. They should do the professional thing and be honest regarding the status of the API instead of getting the BS line “The devs are working on this”. Failure to make any progress in a year means they are absolutely NOT working on this; so just be honest about it. The first step to being honest, is to take down that damn API documentation. That would take then five minutes.

I had actually asked to communicate directly with the Devs and they said they will forward my request on and I should hear from them shortly. That was two weeks ago.

I have written APIs. They are really not that complicated, though I certainly appreciate any dev take the time to thoroughly test it for any possible security issues in particular. But come on, this is unacceptable.

So perhaps this getting fixed with the latest Hotfix?

API call returns HTML response '400 Bad Request' instead of JSON response.