Creating certificate for api

i would like to use itarian api to read data about devices/endpoints
so the guide sort-of tells me i have to share a signed certificate with comodo
which domain should i use for the certificate,
does comodo itself sell certificates?

Hi @programmer.exe

I’m no programmer by trade, but know computer systems and design how the system is meant to work.
The API layout is an older part of the system I’m not 100% familiar with, but reading this page here
Device list ( it looks like you need to provide a client side SSL for encrypted communication between us and you.

Looking into this more from this page Comodo ONE 3rd Party Authentication API Definition ( it states you need to provide us with a certificate for your client connection.

So in short the answer is you need to have a certificate for your server / devices address that is talking to us so we can use this in the authentication process.

If need be I can dig into this more with the dev team to get more information, but this should be a simple case of providing the certificate to with an explanation of what it is for so they can process the request for you.

thank you, yeah, certificate should have our domain… my bad, i remember reasoning on this and getting to that conclusion but then forgot it; i saw in other posts that people submitted the certificate by mail to support, is that the only way or can i use an api for that?

Hi @programmer.exe

unfortunately at the moment that is the only way.

ok, then if the upper echelons decide to proceed with this project i’ll mail the certificate

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