Creating reports

We‘re trying to generate a monthly report for clients which shows an executive overview of patch management and any alerts generated but this doesnt seem to be covered by any of the 5 standard reports in Comodo One. is there am option to generate custom reports? In SolarWinds we used the Executive Summary reports but we cant see an equivalent on Comodo

@James_Systemagic ,

We thank you for taking interest in utilizing Comodo One reports. Our Development Team is currently in progress of adding Executive Summary Reports which should fall this 2018Q3. Other custom reports can be achieved by utilizing Script Procedures.
We’ll gladly send you a notification email for any updates regarding this Feature Functionality

I would also like this. Thanks Jimmy.

I find the reports to be very underwhelming. Not only that, but correct me if I’m wrong, doesn’t the procedures require an active machine to run against? I need to report against my assets in my inventory, whether or not they are powered on or active.

What might be useful is to export a list of assets based on the filters we set in the portal. That would probably work for a majority of my needs.

Hello @maximillianx,

We appreciate for letting us know about your interest with this feature. We will include you in the loop of email update of this feature for you to get the latest update. Thank you

I’ve resurrected this thread as I was trying to determine what patches installed/failed, etc. and did not find a report for doing so. I had my patch procedure set to not reboot the PCs but now need to determine which PCs were patched so I could send a reboot command to them. Please provide an update on full patch reports usable by techs, not just an executive summary with counts of patches installed during the reporting period intended for business owners.

Hi @vitalsupport
There is an already existing feature request that is in the works that will accomplish what you mentioned in your post. We will loop you in the ticket so that we can inform you of any important update from the product development team.

Can you add me to this ticket?

@ktaylor ,

Absolutely. We’ll get you notified.

Please add me

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Yes, we will provide you an email notification for your request.

2018 has now come and gone… update on this ask please?

@jacubillos ,

We apologize about the delay. Due to some additional requests added (Added criteria OS, Patch Status, AV, inactive devices etc.) This current functionality sits on our mid-term (6-12 mos.) roadmap timeline implementation. This is a rough estimate though, but we will make sure to provide you an update once finalizations had been made on its release.

Add me to this.

Hello @gforrest,

We’ll make sure to be visible via support email to inform you of any news or updates regarding the functionalities mentioned here in the forum post.

Thank you for your support.