Credit Card info

I have not authorized any charges for comodo one and I cannot remove my CC on file.
Since you have used a bait and switch model to try for quick revenue, I can’t really trust your new fremium model won’t change via a forum post and start charging me.
I have sent emails and received no response over the past month.
Since C1 was really only worth what I was paying before ($0) because of non-existent support and unreliable service that would just stop working for days with no notification it would be foolish to keep using it.
Also your AV product is never reviewed or compared to professional known good products and you should have done something before forcing it on us.

Oh rest assured they will change terms on a whim in an obscure forum post, they have form on this.

It’s sad that you’re going through this. Din you find out how to resolve it?
I like the Comodo One. I think that it’s an important platform that can help many companies and agencies to make their work way easier, like What other platforms do you know, tho? I want to compare it to others and see the difference, but I don’t know where to start.
I’m curious if you still have the same problem. Because if it happened to you, it could happen to everybody.
I hope that situation got better.

Hi @edwardyn,

Can you please explain to us what issue you are currently facing with the screenshot attached so that we can check.

Kind Regards,