CRM for recurring sales

I am trying to set up the CRM to support our way of selling and supporting and I find the configuring of the CRM quite challenging.
We are working with other tools at the moment but would prefer to converge and do everything in 1 system for simplification.

The challenge is as this:
I sell Information security management services as a monthly subscription.
I also sell system management services as a monthly subscription.
If the client requires also support remotely/onsite - the added hourly rated services are added to the monthly invoice in details (the invoice includes all service calls).

Also - I can’t invoice via the CRM as the tax law here mandates the invoice language must be in local language + the system must be pre approved by the tax administration (A licensed application).
It means I need to export the invoices to an outside system to “localise” it.

I spend hours on end and has yet to come up with a reliable model.

My questions /needs:

  1. How should I proceed in representing such product/service model into the CRM? (the billing is a bit like a cellular/utility company billing - basic service+added services).
  2. How do I have the service calls from service desk - automatically added as services/products rendered to organisations (clients).
  3. Will the CRM module be open to admins to add custom modules? workflows? integration with Zapier and other automation tools?
  4. Will there be a payment gateway or integration with a system like
  5. Maybe I am missing something BUT - The only way a client will appear automatically in the ITSM is if it was added from the main “Add customer” - and not if it was created directly in the CRM. (I tried and nothing showed up outside the CRM). Is this something that will be changed? – the current workaround is having the sales process go from lead to opportunity and when a sales order is due - add them as customers from the main dashboard and then transfer/recreate the records between the “only CRM” organisation and the dashboard created organisation.

In connection to the 2nd question: the field technician does not have access to the ITSM, nor the CRM, only the service desk. But when they do a service at a clients, I want them to be able, quickly and easily from their mobile phone to update how much time was spent on the job, and be able to detail what was done. and the CRM will automatically add that as a service record to the organisation and it will be added to the monthly bill.

In connection to the 3rd question: having an api will allow sending an api call to a dedicated invoice service which conforms to the local tax laws without too much hustle.

In connection the 4th question - if someone from comodo is reading this - you should really look into

Will very much appreciate some assistance in this.

@InfoSecAdmin ,

We understand that you are having challenges regarding the utilization of CRM. May we know if you have reviewed some guides about its usage? We would like to reach you via support email to make a follow up with some of your requests and have our marketing team look into your outlined set up so we can make our product work for your needs.

I have received the email. will continue there.