CRM Invoices and Time from Service Desk

How do I get a CRM invoice to show a time entry from Service Desk so I can bill it out? I’ve gone through the help and not quite sure what I’m missing. Is it possible?

Hello @scoplin_redrock ,

Could you please be a bit more specific regarding the question ? What exactly are you trying to achieve and what are the steps you’ve taken so far?

Service desk has its own “Cost Report” where you can see the itemized cost per ticket / company of billable time and also expenses (material cost). You can add the sum to the CRM invoice and attach the report to that now.

Please let us know if we can help more on this.


I’ve attached a sample of my invoices that we put out via Quickbooks online. This is the end goal that I’m trying to get to. Currently, in our Vorex System, the workflow is the attached. We end up with something like the attached in our QB Invoice entry.

I’ve scrubbed client names where I see them.

QBO Vorex workflow.pdf (205 KB)

Hello @scoplin_redrock

Thank you for providing the additional information.

We have escalated the inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible with more updates.

Integration between service desk billable time and CRM invoices is a must
but to really shine we would need to have integration to our bookkeeping systems, know there is a lot of them and there is probably to many. But have to ask,
we use an online accounting program - they have a REST API so it would be possible to create some integration, maybe just push invoices.

Hello @frederikbay

We will forward your feedback as a feature request for the integration.