CRM - SD integration

CRM - products and services
SD - materials and … where is service catalog?

Products (materials) and services at SD and CRM - we must duplicate services and materials (products) at CRM and SD?
How we can add service (with own price) to ticket?

Hello @Sergey ,

Currently the Assets (items or services) and Materials from Service Desk are not synchronized with CRM.
Please find more details about Viewing and Managing Global Rates for Assets here:
The Managing Materials and Expense Items can be found here:

Please let us know if you require further information.

Hi @Sergey

Service Desk materials are designed by thinking more about operational expenses. On the other hand, CRM and Quote Manager products and services are designed by thinking more about new services / products or up-sell opportunities in mind.

I agree that we should synchronize them, but please provide a little bit more insight about how you operate and what would be your use cases for those.