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Hi all:
Yes…I too have just signed up for Comodo ITSM as an MSP.
However…a week out of the gate and frustrations set in. There seems to be some information that is seriously lacking for this product. Although they have a wealth of documents (1000’s of pages) you can read, download and reference, I find that reading through thousands of pages does NOT get me any closer to understanding how all the pieces actually fit and play together.

As an MSP…using CRM, I want to;
setup up my customers
sell them my ‘services’ that would need to be setup…as?? asset, or product, or service or price book??
then what…create them a Quote, a Sales Oder or a just a plain ole Invoice?? and have it re-occuring Monthly…

then tie this all in with Service Desk…etc.

is there not any docs on how to weave these together effectively??

Hello @howie
This is the current available resource for the Comodo ONE (C1) CRM module: Introduction to Comodo CRM

Hi @howie

Parts of C1 MSP work well together and are always improving and other parts like CRM do not talk to anything and don’t really have a place in the system yet.
The community here is very good and we all try to help each other.

Provide some more details to what your trying to do and maybe me or another can help.

@howie ,

@StrobeTech is correct. We can seek our Product Team as well to provide assistance on your queries.

Come back in a year or two and you might find a working system.
Currently is a pretty disjointed set of products of which only 2 really talk to each other… Those being service-desk and rmm.
The rmm is missing some pretty fundamental things and is from what I can work out primarily a vehicle to sell their upgraded av services.
the CRM is an encapsulated version of vtiger with all the baggage it comes with, it duplicates some of what their own quote manager does.
Quote manager kind of ties into service desk in that through a convoluted series of steps you can turn a ticket into a quote… and maybe invoice it… I have never managed to do it.
Without significant work on integration, a proper invoicing/billing system and contracts the system will struggle to allow you to report on important information such as if a contract if profitable…

The rest of the add on products are convoluted pretty much do no integrate in any way… some are nice such as dome and cwatch web…
Others the pricing seems just crazy such as cwatch threat and breach is 2k a month…

I have had a good play, but this system is just no geared to allow me to concentrate on growing my business, as just too much time is needed to manually process everything…

Hello @howie and @rockowwc ,

This is Ayhan. I am currently working as one of the product managers of Comodo ONE Platform. I recently sent you messages to both for a discussion. We want to hear your ideas and thoughts to put them as inputs to improve Comodo ONE. We have plans on these integrations and invoicing structures. I wanted to get your view and concerns to serve your needs and improve these plans including your ideas.

Thanks for reaching us. We are excited to hear from you!

Best regards

@ayhanepik is a good manager and has a good team behind him.

If you are willing to provide some input he can work wonders, I can tell you this from experience.