Current Korugan Roadmap and Info

Good day,

I have revisited the Korugan website and have noticed tons of changes that I am excited for. Firstly, thank you for continuing to work on this project as I still believe there is a huge need that Comodo can fill both at the business level but even more so at the home level. What I have noted is that currently KUTM is on version 1.9 but I cannot find any documentation beyond that of the 1.8. Can you show me a change log and or a road map of where we expect the product to go/develop?

Also, I am super excited to have discovered an ISO file to install from. As we speak I am spinning up a VM to test how this will install on bare metal. With the market filled with so many small sized NUC units I can easily see myself putting this product on a small MSI Cubi and replace my home PFsense install. Do you guys expect us to be able to install a Korugan setup from repositories in the future?

Lastly can we shed more light on to the licensing costs associated with Korugan. I originally reached out to the sales team about a year ago regarding the cost for a physical device and for VM based setups. What I found was that Korugan was well over priced for the type of market segment I’d deploy it at (home and SMB setups). The site says you have a simple uncomplicated licensing scheme but maybe we should consider different tiered structures or give your end consumers differing options. No home user or 5 employee business should have to drop $1000 for a security product (and this alone is what you charge for a years subscription model for the VM alone); ZyXel offers similar items for 200 - 400 for example. Now maybe this is not your intended audience you want to be focused on but if you were to have add on packages that people can select from (say gateway antivirus scanning) you can start to aquire new customers and build your reputation for the product.

Thank you for your time and effort, especially you bulut.

Hello @budda

Thank you for your interest in Korugan. I will forward your feedback to the team and also escalate it to request information on:

  • 1.9 change logs and a road map
  • option to install it from a repository in the future

For the licensing information, it would be best to contact the sales department. with the “Contact Sales” option from
We will inquire about this as well, just to be sure.

Thank you.

isn’t korugan lite enough for what you need? its free!

hi Budda,

Thanks for the interest.

Previously on Korugan, we have introduced a Central Manager and you can easily access it over Comodo One Portal. Also released High Availability (Active-Passive) and SNMP v2 based monitoring capability.

I see you are trying to secure your home by installing a VM. Is that mainly for providing Secure Web Access to your home users ?

Currently the Korugan lite is not enough for everything I need to do with my current customers. My biggest issues with the current offerings are a) pricing for the Korugan is high for the UTM market when compared to similar products/feature sets (just received quotes today for Sophos, Sonicwall and Watchguard), b) Korugan lacks consistent public updates on the development making me cautious to deploy/beta test a product that could potentially be dead, c) Korugan has a high barrier of entry for the premium set of features that pushes away SMB customers.

If this is Comodo’s current business strategy then by all means please ignore me. Personally I inquired about purchasing a Korugan 90 series appliance to try at home and couldn’t justify the expense. I understand also that Korugan offers a solid feature set in the lite version of it’s product. My only counter to that is I currently have products like Untangled, ClearOS, Zentyal or PfSense in place that offer these same feature sets. There is little room to be swapping out these products for similar offerings and billing clients when there is no real advantage to doing so.

What feature is missing in Korugan lite that you need?

This would be a circular argument kind of what we had over in the CDM thread. It’s not that I want these features to be free I want them to be affordable with the understanding I know Comodo needs to make money. Common ATP/AV/Sandboxing, web filtering, advanced network logging and analysis has a price tag to them but not at the current $1K for just the licences alone in my opinion. Take for instance I could utilize that same amount of money to purchase a 3 year licences and an Sophos XG 105 appliance for $750 and spend the rest on an OpenDNS Umbrella subscription for 2.5 years as an additional anti-malware service.

how about we made our VM pricing low for you? would that be ok? This way you can use your own hardware.

That should certainly help the case brought up in this thread.


Can Korugan lite be managed with the Korugan Central plugin for Comodo One? Right now I have customers using a mishmash of firewalls, mostly pfsense, though some sonicwalls and others. I would love to have a path where I can replace their pfsense with Korugan Lite and have the manageability – then ease them into Korugan VM and onto a package where I can have their servers and Korugan VM firewall being monitored/logging into cWatch NXSIEM.

I guess this is a year later than some of these posts but hopefully still relevant. I just d/l and try Korugan Lite (does not seem to have central manager, so answered my own question above to Melih).

Here’s my Korugan wish list:

  1. Korugan Lite should support Central Manager, MSPs/MSSPs can deploy this as a baseline firewall for customers. SOOOoooo many MSPs are using pfsense, make this an easy “managed” solution that gives a baseline amount of features (VPN, cDome Shield is supported with anything but perhaps integrating cDome Shield AGENT on Korugan Lite [yes, I know the agent is Windows and this is CentOS, but I’m sure you can figure out a way to get the same effect] since SOME customers are on dynamic IP; a cDome Shield agent for Korugan lite (and Korugan VM of course) would allow MSPs to provision cDome Shield site-wide to customers with dynamic IP Internet connections.

  2. Korugan Lite should be able to be remotely upgraded to the “full” paid version by license key swap push from Central Manager, so when the opportunity presents itself the MSP can sell them and instantly upgrade their firewall without much effort.

  3. Korugan VM should have a lower price. I agree with Budda that Comodo needs to make money, and such but $995 USD (unfortunately us Canadians are hit pretty bad with a sinking dollar lately so that works out to almost $1400 CAD) for 1 year is not going to fly with most when compared to brands with a similar feature set and much better brand recognition. Even at the 3 year discounts, this is NOT competitive with similar offerings. Yes, Korugan has some cool features others do not, but for a software-only appliance, the pricing is just not going to fly with any customers I know of, especially considering the brand recognition of the competitors. What is my price suggestion for VM? I’m not sure what your costs are but I would think ~$250 USD/year would be at the high end of reasonable for an MSP wholesale/reseller rate for Korugan VM. That works out to $350 CAD for me roughly, I should be able to sell it for about $500 CAD/year. The dollar thing really sucks for us because domestically prices really haven’t changed (gas, groceries, clothes, rent, etc. pretty much the same), but anything you purchase from the US (software licenses LOL) becomes much more expensive, squeezes margins for resellers. I realize this is not your problem, just sharing our pain.

  4. Is Korugan VM still being developed/updated and is there a plan to continue this? I know Comodo Dome is the “latest thing” and it is great but a lot of customers want on prem protection and VPN etc. I think Korugan has an excellent place in the market (even the lite version being the on-prem router to forward traffic to Comodo Dome if that’s the way the upsell goes, right, again hopefully all controlled in Central Manager :slight_smile:

  5. How about some kind of more direct integration with cWatch NXSIEM? Perhaps integrating some of the NxSensor functionality (collecting local logs and sniffing the internet traffic and reporting threats which Korugan already does I guess). I find Korugan and NXSIEM both to be under-marketed to the Comodo One MSP community; this is a HUGE opportunity for MSPs. I started my SIEM trial though after trying to get a cPanel server logging to it, I’m a bit lost (it seems to be connected to the collector, but nothing is showing up in cwatch, anyway opened a ticket with cwatchsupport hopefully we can get it sortedout).

  6. Would be nice to have Korugan Central Manager as part of Comodo One dashboard/console vs having to have the MSP host their own VM to manage their customer’s Korugans. Single pane of glass, single pane of glass, single pane of glass!

Hello @indieserve ,

Thank you very much for your input.
We’ll have your inquiry/concernt forwarded to the backend team. A ticket has also been created for this inquiry/concern.

great feedback! We are having a meeting to discuss your suggestion so that we can operationalize it. I hope you wouldn’t mind if we were to come back to you to pick your brain a tad more? :wink:

Whatever I can do to help Comodo One be the best MSP platform; it benefits my growing MSP by having more/complete management and security offerings under a single pane of glass, this has great value.

great to hear, our goals are aligned! We want you to have the best management and security platform in a single pane of glass.

…and look at that, all my wishes granted (or mostly, C1 integration is probably still in the works). Great job Team Comodo!

can i get someone for sales to get me pricing and feature set of the current UTM lite and appliance ? i have requested info twice in the last month and crickets . i am not 100% sold on VM/s only as some clients are too small to put a VM onsite . thoughts .


You may contact the Sales team thru email and thru phone 1-888-266-6361 press 3 for Direct Sales.