Cursor in data entry fields

Hi again,
It would be great when you click into an item that opens another window to make the cursor be in the entry field instead of having to click in the field to be able to type there.

For example, when in a computer and changing the group it is a member of, when the Group Name window opens I have to click in the box to be able to type there… I want the cursor to automatically be there so I can just start typing.

This is a small thing, but a huge time saver!



Hello @invisikcorp,

We have forwarded the information to our development team and we will get back to you the soonest possible we can.

Same goes for the 2FA box when signing-in to a browser. Small but annoying little detail, which has been raised previously and which should be a very simple fix for which we have been waiting nearly a year:

Hello everyone.

With yesterday’s release this has been fixed. Please check and inform if it’s not working as expected.

Kind regards.