Custom Email Settings

Hi All.

im a new user to ITarian. i have searched the forums but dont seem to be able to find an answer to my questions.

im wandering if there is the ability to change the default email address for sending notifications, device enrollments, service tickets etc.

the reason being is mainly so we can brand it as our own to build more trust with the client rather than them receiving emails that look like its from a third party.
the other reason is most of these emails are being filtered out and never find their way straight to the inbox. instead it involves us having to add exceptions for the domains for each client

we would like to be able to set it so it sends from an account within our Office 365 tenant/subscription

Hi @ITsDan ,

I am a Consultant Engineer for ITarian - We’re happy to have you as a new user and fellow ITarian! Currently the outgoing email address for Endpoint Manager notifications and device enrollment links cannot be modified. This can be changed for Service Desk notifications though. It would be modified under Admin Panel>Emails>Emails. As for device enrollment, there are other ways besides just sending the email, including a bulk installation using a generated MSI file. I would like to set you up with a demonstration to personally show you the ins and outs of our free IT Management platform that we offer here at ITarian.

You will receive an email from me momentarily to schedule a time for a demonstration if you are interested in that.

Ryan Turner
Consultant Engineer Manager
Phone: 862.228.3390
Cell: 973.769.2788

As @RyanTurnerCE states, this is possible in Service Desk and currently only Service Desk.

We need the same system from service desk to all modules of Itarian as we often find emails from the plaform go to spam.

Using your own domain with Office 365 is an interesting one, and I would suggest being careful here as lots of people have mis configured their 365 to use it like a printer which is wrong and causes 365 to send email out from Itarian using the HRDP and goes to people’s spam.