Custom input fields and notes for devices

I need to keep track of information about my hosts such as purchase price and purchase date. It would be nice to be able to define custom input fields so that information not related to software or hardware could be tracked. A notes section would also be helpful so that anything noteworthy about a host could be entered and then referenced later.

@aviemet I think this has previously been requested but also, it would good to have an encrypted notes area for confidential information, similar to Solarwinds Take Control’s vault.

Hello @aviemet
On which module of the ITarian platform do you envision this ‘custom input fields and notes for devices’ should be added? Have you tried the CRM’s Inventory section? It does not need to be used always for ‘sales-related’ activities.

The ‘encrypted notes area / vault’ that @nct mentioned is already in the product roadmap in the form of the password manager which is part of the long-term implementation timeline (or might even be sooner).

In the Device Management section. The value of using agents to gather data is the automation of record keeping, but there are data points which can’t be learned from the device itself, such as cost and purchase date. As @nct stated above, having a notes section would be beneficial as well, but I think there could actually be many other useful user generated fields, such as documentation. Spiceworks allows one to upload documents such as user manuals or spec sheets for quick reference. The entire inventory system is honestly useless to me if I can’t use it to run reports for my accounting department.

I honestly don’t understand the suggestion to use the CRM module. Why would I want to have duplicate data which I have to upkeep manually? If I have to manually track assets, I’ll use something like Asset Tiger, or SnipeIT, or a spreadsheet.