Custom MSI Installation Too Restrictive

Hey guys, I’m new to the platform, but we quickly hit a wall with using the device manager to install custom MSIs on our systems:

  1. Some of our vendors have MSIs that are hosted at URLs that do not have the correct extension.
    For instance, redirects to
  2. Even if it can’t resolve the file extension after the redirect, you’d imagine that the resulting URL would work okay since it has the extension.
    Instead, an error is displayed: “The specified destination file does not exist!” Why? That URL returns a 302 redirect with authentication to an AWS bucket.

In other words, there is no way to install a MSI that is hosted on GitHub with the current architecture. Even if the system was not modified to follow the redirects in search of an approved file extension, would it be possible to accept 300-level HTTP responses as valid destinations?

Hi @brodkin
We will get back to you about your inquiry. For now though, a workaround would be to upload a copy to an online (or shared) storage and use that direct download link.

That’s exactly what I did. Thanks! :wink:

You might also try these:


@Ilker Thanks! Definitely clunkier, but seems like a workable solution.

Its more restrictive than that… I have an MSI sat on our webserver. I put in the full path and am told that the file doesn’t exist, even though when i copy and paste directly into the web browser, it downloads fine… Currently resorting to manual roll outs.

And even better, using Microsofts direct link to Azure Information Protection client ( gets “The specified destination file does not exist!”