Custom Notes

Is there a way to enter custom notes per managed device? I have a site with generic desktop names but most have a particular user that uses it. It would be nice to enter some custom notes on the device for quick reference when troubleshooting.

Hi @tbornyk
With the current build of the Endpoint Manager (EM), it is not yet possible to add custom notes on the managed devices. But such function is in the works as the product development team has already included it in the mid-term implementation timeline of the product roadmap.

You may not be able to add custom notes now but you can, at least, change the displayed name of the device in the EM.

+1 for this feature

Same here… this feature would be great.

@Ed_Johnson ,

We’re glad to hear that this functionality fits your MSP needs. We’ll get you looped as well on this request and keep you updated via support email from our Development Team’s announcement when this feature arrives production environment.

+1 for this, would be very helpful!

@at211 ,

Your requests are valuable for Comodo One / Itarian’s growth. We will keep you updated on this request via support email.