Custom Script Monitors

I see how you can set how often monitors run.
Is there any way you can set the time of day for daily or minutes of hour for hourly?

Hi @rockowwc ,

Yes, we can set schedule for scripts/procedures. Please see this helpguide for your reference:…chedules-.html

@Jordan_C I can see you can set procedures to run at a specific time, but there is no option to do the same with Custom Script style monitors?

Hello @rockowwc

Kindly please visit this :

On this link, under the section adding custom script you can see “Name”, "Description’, “Check period”. On there "Check period’ you can set time for the procedure that should monitor.

@Aravind_pandi You can only set number of days or minutes, there is no option to set the actual time of day… It looks like it needs to be run as a procedure, butI am unsure if that generates an alert

@rockowwc , Yes it’s about to set for days or minutes. For an actual time, you can schedule a task which then will trigger that procedure to run. For custom monitoring, we don’t have that feature.

It would be good to have the ability to set time of day and day of week with a weekly option.
As running as a procedure does not have the option of calling a specific alert to create tickets.

Scheduling a ‘custom script’ procedure to run on a weekly basis is possible @rockowwc. It will have to be approached differently.

First, request a ‘monitor’ script that checks your preferred status/condition. Once you are provided one that works to your satisfaction, go to the profile associated with the device that you want to monitor. In the Procedure section (add it if there is none yet), add the ‘requested script’ and set up the weekly schedule.