Custom Style Sheets?

Is there a way to customize the CSS style sheets?

Hello @perfectcloud
If you are referring to the email generated from the Service Desk (SD), the email templates can be modified to your preference or even create a new set of templates.

If you are referring to how the SD appears (even layout) in the browser from your customer’s viewpoint, this is not possible as of this time. The ‘whitelabeling’ feature for the whole C1 platform is still in the works.

Thanks, Rick. I was indeed referring to the customer-facing SD web interface. When will that sort of customization be available?

Hi @perfectcloud
The ability to set up a custom SD frontend (even on a per company basis) is already included in the product roadmap for a Q1 2019 release.

Cool beans. Can we see this roadmap?

@perfectcloud ,

The Product Roadmaps is an internal page and is ever-changing in a lot of ways. Finalizations are made by Our Product Developers who constantly communicate in exchange of ideas and reports. To have a grasp of what is currently being attended to by Development, you can visit (using your Comodo One credentials). You can suggest a feature or even cast a vote for other functionalities that other MSPs are looking into.