Custom Variable

Is there any support for adding custom variables to assets and allowing scripting to interact with them.
Its one thing I noticed sycnrormm did well, had their own python library for it…
Could even update notes in tickets and add time

Hello @rockowwc,

We do have a feature request “ITSM feature request - run procedures by mentioning custom variable name in the execution window” that currently shows on the road-map for implementation this 2018-Q4. This feature is more like where you can run procedures, but with variables that you could fill in on a “Run Procedures” form on ITSM, and the script can just place $1 $2 $3 $4 etc. in where the variables in the execution form are. That way you can use a script like this for dynamically installing things (or removing them, or killing a process, or…) Or even better, a remote system shell option like the old RMM tool has.

Would this feature fit your needs? If not, we will create a new feature request that fits exactly on what you need.
Thank you for your inputs.

Hi @Anna_C
The details provided is a very needed part and something I’m sure we have asked a few times.

@rockowwc has a good addition to the up and coming feature. As Comodo works in the way of Get basic feature out, then get feedback and improve can we add the following improvements to the list:-

  • Ability to add upto 5 variables to devices which can be referenced in scrips
  • The ability to reference computer information like OS, RAM etc inside a script too. So for instance you can run a script on all devices, but it only runs if OS = Windows 10
Hope this makes sense.

This is one of the two uses for custom variable… The other is to run scripts and fill in the variable with the script…
For example in Syncro, I have 2 scritps, one uses produkey to get all the keys from the system and put them in a custom Field.
The second runs an internet speed test and put the results into another custom field…\

Hello @StrobeTech and @rockowwc ,

Thank you for your input.
We`ll coordinate with our development team regarding this additional suggestions and idea for the upcoming feature.
We might send you individual emails if we will require to or we will update this thread for any information we will be able to get.
Thank you.


@StrobeTech @rockowwc ,

The functionality of running procedures by mentioning the custom variable name in the execution window had been deployed into production with our latest July release. Please check at your convenience.

What would be good now is to be able to add customer variable answers to Groups within companies and direct onto devices.

The main problem I can see with the way this has been implemented is that to see the fields you have to drill into a procedure to see the variable… it would make more sense if the variable was ties to the machine information.

Not wanting to be silly, but why do you need to do that???

In your script you add the following sections


Then you click on the parameters tab and configure the expected input and names.

When you run the script, you then fill out the parameters, no need to look at the script…… Am I missing something?