Customizing Service Desk Portal for Branding

I saw that someone had posted a screenshot of a redesign of the portal in the feature request sticky forum post. Can you tell me how that was accomplished? All I know is the logo part. Thank you.

Hello @azon2111 ,

If you are referring to the post from pcconcepts (on…?p=559#post559 ), that is not the Comodo One Service Desk, it is their own portal.

Gotcha, so was there an API used or REST commands we have access to so that we can build our custom portals as well?

Hello @azon2111 ,

We currently do not provide this type of functionality, however this feature is being analyzed and we will keep you updated on the progress.

Thank you for your feedback!

Is there a current update on the question of Customization of the Service Desk Portal raised here? I have an interest on this too, as I am looking for a way or solution to embed this on our website. I’d tried iframe and that did not work. any suggestion would be appreciated!

Hi @WillWorld , @azon2111

You can already customize your Service Desk self service page with below options.…y-Profile.html…Web-Pages.html

Could you please let us know what else would be useful for you?


I think this is more of a branding thing (you don’t necessarily want all the C1 branding with more of your own as that just makes it look like C1 is the brand not your company’s brand). Thanks, already did all of this other.

I’d also like to use html/css or premade themes for OSticket. The 90s called and they want their web design back. Joking aside - the portal looks outdated and bland…I’m not asking for you to update it rather give us the means to change and update it.

So now that it is passed q4 of 2018, and you are moving to Itarian branding on everything, can we get an update on when to expect better UI/UX for the customer facing portal? At least better layouts, skins and white labeling possibilities…

hello @copperstate,

Unfortunately, long term product road-maps are always subject to change. There was some re-prioritization and this is currently being reevaluated by Product Management. We apologize for the inconvenience and will let you know when more information becomes available.

Thank you,

Ryan Turner
Consultant Engineer Manager

I think the biggest service desk portal branding I’d like to see is the ability to utilize my own domain.

With that being said, I wouldn’t want to see a hacky solution of “create a CNAME for support.yourdomain.tld and point it to yourservicedeskurl.and-so-on.tld”. I would love to see the ability to provide my own origin certificate to be used when serving the certificate for that page. Similarly to how I can create an origin certificate for use on my server, then provide a copy of that and all intermediary certs to allow me to access projects hosted on GitLab using whatever.myowndomain.tld over a secure connection, without any certificate issues.

@RTT ,

We thank you for your insights. We will send your request to our Development team for analysis. We’ll make sure to provide you with an update of their feedback.