Cwatch EDR V2 cannot open excel files directly

I have been running cwatch EDR v2 for a bit on some machines. While i am not having any issues on the different servers I have the desktops are a different story. I have found that when I instal the cwatch edr v2 service onto a desktop running a local version of office either 2013/2016/2019 i can open word files okay but there is a memory utilization spike that occurs and when I try to double click an excel file directly it will open excel into a blank pane. I can then use the file/open dialogue in excel to open the excel file. So basically double clicking an excel file opens excel into a blank pane and opening the file from excel using the file/open dialogue works as expected. As soon as I uninstall the software it fixes itself right away. I could be wrong but it looks like the cwatch EDR product is doing more than just collecting logs and watching what the system is doing.

Hi @randyt,

Thanks for taking the time to report this. We have asked our backend team to investigate the issue.

We need some logs which are requested in support ticket created.
Thanks in advance.

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I am having a couple more issues from the software and have been requested by the CFO to uninstall it from all computers. Sorry that takes priority as it is tax season and as it has come to her attention it takes priority on all machines for all users to be able to get her information as quickly and efficiently as possible. I’ll reinstall on a few machines after tax season and start the troubleshooting process.

Hi @randyt ,

We will very much happy to assist you. we are saddened to know, you are going to uninstall our products temporarily.
Please provide us the requested files if you face the same issue again later.

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Hi, it seems I have the same issue with clients unable to open excel files directly - blank screen, but if they open excel first then select the file it is fine.
They are domain joined, Windows 10, Office 2016 VL, fully patched.
Only an issue once cwatch edr installed.
Happy to supply logs etc, but only in the next day or so as a short break awaits me.

Would prefer to fix the issue first otherwise I too will need to remove program.


Hi @mcfproservices,

Thanks for reporting the issue. We will create a support ticket to investigate the issue.
Please provide the requested logs in created ticket.

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Hi, any follow up to this issue?
Today I retested a system with EDR Agent v2 it will not directly open excel files, but just shows a blank/grey screen.
I then uninstalled EDR program, tested excell and it opens as normal.
Reinstalled EDR and same issue with unable to open excel directly.
My client has 35 workstations and effects all of them the same way, do I need to remove EDR or is there a fix on the way?


@mcfproservices ,

Rest assure that our Developers are indeed working on resolving this reported issue. in the meantime, since it is affecting all of the machines, we can recommend removing it from the machines.

Removed EDR and no longer an issue, excel works as it should, also allowed users to use youtube and other sites that had been “blocked” overall not a good experience with EDR so far. Clients are much happier with usage.
I also removed Secure Internet Gateway setup for much the same reasons, plus we exceeded the free 300k DNS requests within 2 weeks at one site, not sure if I will try again with either product.

I do have paid Advanced Endpoint Protection installed.

@mcfproservices ,

Thank you for your response. Rest assure that our Developers are looking at the situation to get his reported issue fixed.

Have you tried a machine with EDR installed only?
Free secure web gateway isn’t going to be enough for 35 users that’s more for a 2-5 user operation.