cWatch EDR

I was trying to look into my cWatch, as I have been trying to look into several offerings, as I want to start implementing some of this stuff, but it also says that my License has expired, but in my reseller panel, it says it is valid until next year. Maybe I am missing something, but I thought I installed all this stuff since it was free, and I was wanting tio check look into offering it all, but they don’t seem to work now. If they are no longer free, how do I remove them from my applications tab, as I don’t want a buinch of stuff on there that I can not even use.

LOL, I tried to run another trial, and accidentally installed the Comodo NxSIEM Cloud Securi​ty Edition FREE 30 day instead, would I be able to get this fixed?? I am sorry, but I am a little impatient, as I do not really have much time to test this stuff, and when I do, it always seems to not work. Unsure when I will get another chance, but really want to test and implement these services.

Sorry I did not get, you want to try cWatch EDR or cWatch Network (NxSIEM) ?

I am just wanting to access my cWatch from my portal in C1?? I was under the impression that was going to be a accessible service for MSPs.

It would seem that this is the wrong forum, as there is one just for cWatch under the other products section. I am mainly wanting to have access to my cWatch application, as well as my cDome Standard application, and any other application that is showing up in my application tab, or have the ability to remove them so I do not have a bunch of tools in my application section that I can not use.

I sent you private message about that. Please read.

I replied, but I didn’t really to try the EDR, until it was integrated, is there a way to cancel the trial??