^%#^%$@#^& DAMINT!!!

I just lost a laptop to ITarian install. Going to have to reset it to factory.

Uninstalled Comodo using the tool (because of course you simply FING CANT do it any other way). Rebooted 2x times and installed using re-enrollment. Rebooted the laptop and now it constantly bluescreens. Says the culprit is “cesboot.sys”.

Booting to safe mode does the same thing. Restoring boot up files doesn’t help. Restore point will not restore. Dead. After exhausting every option in the troubleshooting menu several times over, I am resetting to factory.

This is the SECOND time this had happened. Last time was to a Windows 10 VM. I thought it was a fluke. Now, I’m convinced that the COMODO software is Fing me over.

I cant have my clients at risk like this from THE ONE THING THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE PROTECTING THEM. I am about >THIS< close to switching RMMs.

Hi @nnsit ,

We are sorry you’ve had to deal with this, but rest assured that we will investigate in this case with the help of our Development Team.

Hello @nnsit ,

Kindly reply to the support ticket that we have created so we can proceed with the investigation. Thank you.

@nnsit Comodo is a vendor in the Itarian marketplace. You don’t have to use their software. You are blaming Itarian RMM because you are having a problem with a third party security software. They are 2 different companies and 2 different products.

Ok, I can see that. My apologies. ITarian used to BE comodo, Rectangle is not a square, etc, etc.

Working on it…

I have personally got an issue that started 2 days ago where my own machine blue screens randomly, but I believe this is a Comodo and Windows 10 issue due to a a recent update installed for MS as they have issues with many AV companies in April’s updates and again in May’s.

Also, do you use EDR?? Could be this and not Client Security.


Im must have missed something.
When we signed up, it was all Comodo.
I logged in to one.comodo.com and it was all comodo products.

So what is the difference now?

ITarian spun off as the RMM and marketplace and Comodo offers the products for sale. Technically they are seperate now I guess? But I dont see ITarian selling anything But comodo in the marketplace… ? /shrug

Correct that they spun off, and this was for a few reasons including making a big divide between paid and non-paid products.

So far Itarian offer Comodo and Acronis products via the portal, but there is an integrations post on here so MSPs can request what they want access to as a new store and PSA style system is being worked on for us all.

For a free system it is really getting there, and offer most of what the paid systems do if not more.

Hope this explains a little more.

Did we ever get a resolution to the OP’s problem? Just because I like to learn, was the official outcome an incompatibility issue with the Windows 10 update?

Hi @Fred, the issue was not about windows compatibility. The issue is related to incorrect CCS 11.2 deletion via CisCleanUp that doesn’t support this CCS version and installation CCS 11.1 after.

We recommend everyone to uninstall CCS via control panel first. We only recommend to use CisCleanUpTool for cases when there are some errors during the uninstall process.

I think this is related to: