Dashboard widgets showing wrong information

Just noticed the dashboard widgets for “Activity Status” and “Status Per Company” are showing the online devices as offline and the offline devices as online.

Is this a mix up in the widget coding?

Anyone else notice this, or is it just happening to me?


So far we have tried to view the activity status from the portal page and they are normal. We will create a support ticket for you to have this report investigated with some personal details needed about your account.

Hi @Jimmy

Thanks for the quick response.

Hi @omnion

Devices that sends us heartbeat in last 24 hours are counted as active even if they are not online at that specific moment. So, it might be ok to have a difference on active and online endpoints.

You can check them both from ITSM - Compliance Dashboard: https://help.comodo.com/topic-399-1-786-10081-The-Dashboard.html#compliance

Please check active device and online device widgets.



Thanks, I didn’t realise it was covering the past 24hours.