I’ve been trying to customize the dashboard but haven’t had much luck. Is there a way to customize a dashboard so that I can see alerts for specific things? In N-able and most other MSP Portals that I’ve used, there’s always a decorative dashboard full of lights that are triggered by alerts. For example, a list of all Pcs and servers and then several columns like disk space, antivirus, backups, etc that have the status of those monitored services or products. I’m just looking for a main page to look at that will show me all components that I care about and the status of those components.

Hi @jmock

@Jimmy is correct on this. The C1 portal gives you a quick overview which you can change/limit to a single company as needed; and then each application like ITSM, SD, CQM have their own dashboards inside as well which give you more targeted information.

If there is anything you want or need do an explanation or diagram and we shall see if we can pass it to the right guys for development.

@StrobeTech is it just must or does the dashboard not auto refresh periodically?

Hi @rockowwc

The dashboard does not refresh currently, you have to leave the page and come back to it later.
I have also noticed the C1 dashboard does not always show the latest data either where the app dashboards do show this data correctly.