"Default Customer" in an enterprise (or non-MSP) account

We are an enterprise customer using Itarian “in house” and while it’s not a show-stopper, it’s annoying having to see and click on Default Customer each time we access relevant locations within the environment (e.g., Devices). What can we do to eliminate (or rename) the existence or use of the top-level DEFAULT CUSTOMER? Additionally, is there a way to have this folder structure auto-expanded? Seems silly to have to expand it each and every time I go to the location (of course I’m visiting this locale for a reason, so expand for me automatically).

I’m looking for an answer to this as well. We are an enterprise with multiple divisions. Instead of expanding the default customer, I would want to set each division as a customer and have groups inside of that.

Hello @laughey & @pgretes,

Our product management team is aware of your request and is working to prioritize it with the others received. We will provide you an email notification for any updates regarding this request and its timeline once it is prioritized on the road-map for a delivery.