malware removal

this is a malware . it doesn’t give me a option uninstall / even turn off the stupid pop ups . i ran CCleaner and malwarebytes .but they do not find anything wrong . Vscan is clean . any help would be great .

Hello @randy_srs,

Good day. You may start by checking the running programs on the device and also check the start-up items. Once verified, uninstall the unwanted programs especially add-ons that may trigger the pop-up (check the programs that were installed when the problem started). For an easy view of the application and path of the running application and programs, you may use autoruns and process explorer. After clearing the unwanted programs, right click on the browser and access properties > shortcut tab > target (please see image). Run the CCS to fully remove remnants.

If further assistance is needed, feel free to open a ticket by sending an email to Thank you

when doing a hand to hand combat with malware, one tool I always use is KillSwitch…essentials.php . (Killswitch is a feature of cleaning essentials)

I go to view and view only untrusted executables. This gives me a list of (shouldn’t be many) all untrusted executables running on that machine. Malware will be one of these files, period! You can then work Comodo Threat labs for them to analyze every file give you a verdict.

If you had Comodo endpoint security installed, these could never have installed and would have been contained inside our automatic containment (i am mentioning this for the future)