Delayed Tickets

Last night at approximately 2:00AM PST I received several tickets. Some of those tickets were opened mid-week last as early as Wednesday. Is there a page that discusses ComodoOne outages, or known issues? Perhaps a mailing list so I can be aware. I was rather embarrassed when I answered a ticket this AM that was opened Last Wednesday. My client was annoyed at my unusually slow response time.

@itnv ,

We are saddened to hear about this experience. If there would be interruptions from the C portal side, you can visit our status page for additional news. If in any case that an issue might be account related, we would strongly suggest sending a support ticket @ so we can urgently communicate with the necessary department and developer to address the issue.

I appreciate your response. My only concern was that I didn’t know anything was wrong - so I couldn’t have reported it when it was happening. I will keep support updated if this happens again.

@itnv ,

We thank you for your response. If you see anything uncommon on the portal, please do not hesitate to send us an email on the support address mentioned above and we’ll make sure to provide an answer to your queries as quick as possible.

did you get any proper solution?, I have the exact same issue.

Hi @Myra824 ,

Thank you for reporting this case. May we know if this happened more frequently?