Delete a started procedure

How do you delete a procedure from the “Execution Log” listing whose status is “started” but never ended with “success” status? thanks

You cannot pick and choose which logs to delete from the system, this would lead to people being able to manipulate the logs and not give a true and accurate representation of what is going on.

Could you give us more information to why this might not have “finished” to provide a finished state or either “success” or “Failed”?

Sometimes the status of an procedure remain as “Started” as above and if you select “Delete all” that procedure log isn’t deleted:

Hi @datalink

Let me check the actual behavior to see if this is expected or not.

Hi @datalink

The outcome you are receiving is an expected result.

With our system we do not delete non-finished procedure logs as when they complete they would have nothing to be matched against.

After the procedure has completed on the device you can delete as required.

Not sure if this is helpful to anyone or not, but a sort of ‘hacky’ way to cancel non-finished procedures is to force restart the RmmService service on the client machine. I usually need to do this for procedures that are in some way or another ‘stuck’.

To do this I typically will use the Remote Tools - Command Interface to execute the powershell command

Restart-Service RmmService -force

This doesn’t always work for procedures that have been stuck in the ‘started’ state for longer period of time (days or more) but typically will work if you catch it soon enough

Thank you I’ll try it unfortunately they are often stuck in started state