Deleting Staff Causes Reports to Be Off - Major Issue

I recently discovered that there was no way to disable a STAFF entry and the only thing we could do is delete the user or change recovery email to something that the former staff member did not have access to (including password change after email change).

What wasn’t realized at the time is the reports in service desk and maybe elsewhere in the system would be affected by this. Thus when you run a cost report the time netered by any staff removed from the system is then lost.

I am hoping we might be able to fix this issue as now I have to go one by one through all tickets on the cost report (shows on the cost report but shows as zero billable time for any staff has been deleted) to find entries in the thread (entries DO NOT show what type they are (i.e. onsite versus remote) just billable and unbillable.

This caused my to severely regret deleting staff and not just changing to some fake email

Please help with reports but most importantly add disable ability to log in to staff option ASAP (and maybe hide from all users but the C1 Account Admin).


Hello @azon2111,

The platform is designed so that when a Staff member is deleted, back-end data associated with that member would also be deleted. Our best course of action is to request information from the product development team if there is a work around regarding your concern.

We will send an email momentarily to your forum registered email.

Thank you.

Yeah, I had no idea that removing a user would have that impact? Seems like if this was so wide spread in its effects that there would a be a disable staff option because staff change over time but as a business you do not want to lose that history.

There has to be a way to Disable a Staff or user Account, so the data remains… Staff do leave MSP and sometimes customers staff leave as well they want access cut for, but we need historical records.

Hello @rockowwc,@azon2111,

A disable option is definitely a great idea especially for keeping track of historical data. We will forward that suggestion to the product team.

We have also added you @rockowwc, to the Feature Request and will send an email momentarily to your forum registered email.

We appreciate voicing your ideas and concerns.

Please include me on this too.

Hello @nct,

We have added you on the requested feature ‘SD Feature Request: Keep Staff Data even when Staff member is deleted’.

We will keep you posted on the said request.