Deploying C1 RMM via GPO

Hi All,

1st post… but not after searching the forum for an answer…

I’m deploying the C1 RMM Agent msi via Group Policy… this bit works fine… however on next logon (so far via RDP) I get a prompt that C1 Communications needs enrolling. I used the bulk agent from the portal, which if I manually install works fine, but via GPO it doesn’t seem to be configuring correctly… (Server 2012 r2 & 2008 R2)

So any ideas? or what have I missed?



Hello @lucanuk ,
First of all you need to install the ITSM agent (COMODO One Client Communication)
ITSM is the base of the next Comodo ONE Platform where you can manage all the aspects of an endpoint from one dashboard.

After you have the agent installed, you can deploy the RMM agent from the web console. (ITSM -> Device List-> Install MSI/Packages -> Check “Install RMM agent”.

Hello @lucanuk ,

If you used the Bulk installation package then it is important not to change the package name (under the form of cocc_<random_characters>_installer.msi) because the random sequence from the name contains the enrollment information required to communicate with your portal. In this case you should either send yourself an enrollment email and use the information to manually enroll the device (the information can be found at the end of the enrollment page), or re-deploy the agents with the correct package.

Please let us know if this is not the case.

Thanks Nick… that will be why, for tidiness I had changed it to cocc_companyname_installer. I will test and confirm.

In case anyone else comes searching, this resolved the issue.

Hello @lucanuk ,

Thank you for letting us know! In case that you have any other questions/issues regarding Comodo One, please feel free to contact us.

You may need to update the C1 agent every month or so for a little while, last I heard from support the installers (they are keyed based on the filename) will expire. The result is that new machines joined to the domain will get C1 installed but it won’t link to your console. This will apparently be fixed at some point in the future though.

Hello @indieserve

We will get back to you as soon as possible with an update on the expiration period of the Agent installer.

Hello @indieserve ,

The latest Comodo One release (6/26/16 - does not include the increased token expiration timeout, but we can confirm that we are actively working on this matter.

We will let you know as soon as this feature has been deployed to production.