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Hi, I see this new area called “Desktop Thumbnail” in device list, always showing “thumbnail not supported”, how does it work ? Thanks

Hi @datalink

If you install the beta agent on your device from the enrolment screen this will work.

To upgrade to the beta agent, simply use the Enrollment Wizard, select Beta Version, download the file, rename to itsm.msi and install.

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I know this is an old topic, but is this feature still working?

I have installed the beta agent and the thumbnail is still not showing.

Hi @SolveTech

This has now been released as part of the new agent and should be available by default now.

I thought so, but it definitely doesn’t work on any of my endpoints. Most of them have been added recently as well.

Hi All,

Due to privacy concerns and ITarian generally wanting to give all features of the system flexibility, we have yesterday in the US and today in the EU given users the ability to turn on and off the thumbnail view.

The default stance is that this function is disabled, if you want to turn it on you will have to now go to your profile and make sure inside the “device” license part Thumbnails are ticked to allow configuration of it.

Once you have enabled the configuration you can then chose to enable or not as shown below.

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Thanks for implementing this change. Perhaps changes like this could also be announced on the forum in future and on:
News & Notifications within the portal.

Hi @nct

Totally agree and we are trying to fine tune the communication side.

This procedure looks simple and approachable. The beta agent upgrading is made user-friendly and accessible through the Enrollment Wizard.

The thumbnail feature is now available in the release versions.

Are we able to use Desktop thumbnail in the release versions, I mean Newbies?

Hi @Daliadavis

Thumbnails are part of the RMM license called “ITarian Device”. All you need to do is activate it in a profile assigned to the device for the data to be collected upon request.