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Now that we have to pay can we get a detail invoice, i would like to know what i am paying for and particularity which endpoints, and services.


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Please reach out to to get detailed invoice for your products & services.

If you are having issues with invoices, and get no joy we can always help by providing your licences and billing for you instead.

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I contacted support as @SethHD suggested, but unfortunately they cant provide a detail report. all i was sent was a one line invoice. what we need as an MSP is a detail report showing the following
is there a way to create a report that would show ALL endpoint e.g.

Group Name
Device Name - Install Date - Services (AG, AV, FW, CO, EDR, Acronis, ect.)
Total Devices for Group
Total Devices for Client

Total Clients and Total Devices.,

Something like this would be VERY helpful when it comes to billing.

At present no, but we are working with ITarian and Comodo to be able to do this.

Hello @rudym12 ,

I have sent a pm to you. Could you please check it?

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