Detecting third-party antivirus's status - update

There is an existing script that was created 11/22/2017 called Detecting third-party antivirus’s status

can this script be updated to also detect and report on Windows Defender/security essentials

and also can this producr an error alerts if none of the lists Avs are installed.



Hi @dbettens

As per your request we will change the script and update you .

Thank you

Hi @dbettens

Please refer the following link to detect the windows defender antivirus status , third-party antivirus status and it will also give alert if there is no antivirus in the system.

Thank You.

can this be adjusted to report on bitdefender total and internet security?

Hi @cccservices

Please refer the following script to check the Bitdefender total and internet security Status too.

Thank you.

this appears to be working, thanks!