Device and Groups - assigned profile overview

Is there any way (either an export, script to run) or particular section or view in C1 portal, where we can see which profiles are assigned to which devices / groups of devices? Like a bird’s eye view of the schema of all the profile device relationships?

Not really helpful in you have 100’s of customers…

There is a feature request for what you are looking for @RSnumssp. Based on the product roadmap, it is scheduled to be implemented by Q4 2018. We have looped you in to the ticket so that we can inform you of any important updates about it from the team.

Wonderful if the described functionality is indeed ondeck as has been stated. I will second the need for an assigned device profiles global report. May I also add, specifically, the optimal dashboard element or report would include a breakdown by the manner or to what (group or individual device) object the profile has been assigned.

Hi @freedombt ,

Thank you for your suggestions. We can add this to the feature request. I will also send you an email to add you in the loop or if we need more information to help you with this.