Device event monitoring for "Employee Present"

I have a client asking if I can set up a monitor for his company laptops that would indicate if the device is being actively used. He isn’t looking for key loggers, etc., but wants to get an idea of the hours the device is on and the user is actually using it. I notice the “Last Activity” date in the ITSM Devices list but I think that could be triggered by any event happening on the device, including backups, etc.

Looking at the procedures in Log Collection, I see “Get 10 Recent Application Events from Windows Event Log”. Could I use this to track activity on the laptops? Any other suggestions?

Why not as our “Script Team” to write the scripts to get exactly what you want?

I don’t see a method to capture key stroke activity or mouse activity; the event logs in Windows look like they only trap errors, not regular usage. I don’t want to install any kind of software like key logging scripts for obvious reasons.

Ideally, I’d like to have a script that looks for any keystroke or mouse movement over a period of 15 minutes to show the computer “active”, and longer periods as “idle”. The closest I come currently is to look for the power levels resuming from sleep. That may work.

Hi @acumenconsulting

Please refer below procedure for your needs,

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Fantastic! I will try this out this evening when I get back to the office.