Device Group Limitation?


Ok so when creating clients on Comodo One Web portal a device group (company) gets created under CDM/ITSM automatically well this use to be the case I’ve noticed over time that since i have added more than 18 clients to Comodo one that after 18 CDM/ITSM stops creating device groups is CDM/ITSM limited to 18 device groups only?

Hello @Marveltec

Could you please send us a couple of screenshots at with the Customers tab from the Comodo One portal and with the Device Groups from ITSM in order to have an exact comparison? Also, please include the forum post link in the email.

If you create a new “Company” under the Customer’s tab, this will show instantly under the Device Groups in ITSM.

Hello Harvey,

Ok attached is both Customer list from Comodo One Portal as well as Device Groups from CDM/ITSM (94.5 KB)

Hello @Marveltec

We will escalate your case and we will get back to you as soon as possible with an update.

Thank you for your patience!