Device list return to group

Hi, when working within the rmm and device list, there appears no simple way to go up one level once I have looked at an endpoint or done work on either a single system or selected a few systems within the group, when ever I return it always goes back to the root folder as only the Device List is visible or clickable, unless I’m doing it incorrectly?

It needs to be a link/select/back button to go back to each section as required.
Each time I select an endpoint and then want to go back I finish up at the top level and have to click customer, group again, needs to hyperlinked for easy access.
So I feel it should be seen as Device List / Customer / Group / Endpoint, and able to jump back to any of the lists across the platform.




Selecting back ← in the browser works… but yeah, this simple ‘breadcrumbs’ feature along with the set focus in a few locations are very simple fixes, often get asked for but never materialise… Maybe the support people in the forum have zero infulence on the developers, or they dont really listen or care.

Just a suggestion, but I’d blur out your client list in those pics. :rolleyes:

Hi @mcfproservices,

This feature request is in our roadmap. We will notify you once the feature request is ready for delivery.

Kind Regards,