Device list

I’ve had a search but cant find anything…

Is it possible to view device list but to only show devices that are ‘ONLINE’ ??

Hi @Ed_Johnson ,

To filter Online/Offline devices please click the Filter button in the right upper corner, and on the bottom you have the option to select Online/Offline devices.

I hope this will help. Thank you

Whilst it is there on the main device list @Jordan_C , it isn’t on the anti virus section’s device list.

Hi @nct ,

Thank you for your feedback and for sharing your idea about this case. It would be more helpful for us to have this feature in antivirus section. Since we don’t have filter online/offline devices, I will create a support ticket and let you know once it’s available in our roadmap. We will also email you for updates or if we need more information to help you with this.

Any update?

Hi @amcssit,

Your feature request is already in our roadmap, it is currently mapped for 2021 Q4.
You will be notified once this feature is implemented and ready for use.

Kind Regards,