Device Logs Sorted Incorrectly

Since the last update, all of my logs for each device (alert, monitoring, script and patch logs) are no longer sorted by latest first as pictured. While on the topic, if not already mentioned, I think it would be massively helpful to have these simple features added to device logs:

  • Ability to sort manually per column and apply filters (like the device management list)
  • Ability to export logs from the GUI into csv
  • Ability to run reports on device logs
    • Script Logs: Run reports that show failed and successfully run procedures during a specified period of time.
    • Monitoring logs: Run reports of monitor hit counts during a specified period of time
    • Alert Logs: Run reports of alert hit counts during a specified period of time
    • Patch logs: Run reports that show failed and successfully run update procedures during a specified period of time
  • It would also be great to have the ability to include the "details" data in reports and exports.
For the main purpose of this post, is to fix the sorting of the logs.

Thank you!

@eztech ,

Regarding the image you have posted, if this column is from the procedure execution log section, the logs can be sorted by device name, started at, started by, launch type etc. In the logs section of a device, only the script and monitor logs have that column. However, the logs cannot be sorted by any criteria (procedure name, started at etc).If you want to have them arranged by the date you can simply click on “started at” and the logs will arrange themselves.

We will forward these “nice to have” to our Development Team for those outlined items you mentioned. We thank you for bringing these suggestions. We will notify you of any updates regarding these requests.

@Jimmy This image is from the Logs - Script Logs page of a device. Yes if I go to a specific procedure I can sort each column. However this ability is not available when looking at script logs from a specific device. So I cannot sort them. Please advise

Hi @eztech
Currently, sorting the log results on that specific device’s page will not be possible. For now, what we can do is any of the following:

@Rick_C Ok thats all fine, but why are all my logs on this page out of order now? Dont they default to newest first? Thats how I’ve always seen them up until the last update. This makes it extremely frustrating to view them. Can this be fixed?

Also, and I’m not sure if this is related, but for the last few days, no new logs are showing for any procedures I run. The procedures are actually running I determined, but they are not showing in either the procedure logs or the device page logs. Can this be looked into please?

@eztech ,

We apologize for the inconvenience this had caused you. We will certainly have this issue investigated and coordinate with you via support email as soon as possible for additional information regarding this report